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Here's what some of our clients have to say about Death and Taxes:

'I greatly appreciate the detailed explanation on how pension payments affect taxable income and how to use the remittance basis so long as I do not make my UK income go beyond the 40% threshold. That's really helpful to understand, and I wouldn't have grasped it without your explanation. ... Thank you for all your patience, your fantastic responsiveness and all your efforts on this oh-so-not-straightforward tax return.'

- Anne Jaluzot, French national

'It's great to have an approachable accountant who treats a small business as professionally as a large company. Friendly and quick with great advice whenever you need it!'

- Emma, angelemma.com

'You are certainly a lot easier to understand than the HMRC websites.'

- John Stevenson, IT Contractor

'Death and Taxes really helped me sort out my taxes with no hassle at all, and saved me a good deal of money in the process. A well informed company with a great deal of initiative.'

- Mark Chapman, Professional Freelance Copywriter

'You're a star. This is worth every penny to me, and I appreciate you for taking it off my hands.'

- Liz Keogh, director, Lunivore Limited

'Money always makes sense when you explain things to me - that's why I email you so often, it's testament to your expertise!'

- Andrew James, Employee

'I would fully recommend Death and Taxes to anyone needing an accountancy service. They were very friendly, professional, quick and helpful. My accounts weren't exactly straightforward and were in quite a bit of a mess, and there was no way I would've been able to sort them all out myself. Thankfully Death and Taxes were able to help me get everything that was required and take all the headaches out of what was a daunting prospect! Without a doubt worth every penny, thanks!'

- Julian P, Graphic Designer

'Using Death and Taxes has been the best accounting service I have ever used. She was fast, friendly and professional - plus gave me copies for my records and posted the forms for me which saved me a lot of time. It took the headache out of my US taxes and she even convinced the UK tax office to stop making me fill out the self-assessment forms! That alone was worth the fee. Costs were very reasonable and what other accountant would meet you for a pint in Big Red?'

- Madeleine P, Tax Client