J Coderre is licensed and regulated by AAT
under license number 6069.

Accurate bookkeeping is vital to getting your accounts correct, but one of those tedious tasks that most of us would rather not do. As a business owner you have more important things to worry about - namely, running your business! Let Death and Taxes take care of the chore of keeping your books. We have over eighteen years' experience in thorough and meticulous bookkeeping. Just keep records of all of the income your business receives and all the money it spends and we'll do the rest.

Death and Taxes uses FreeAgent Central and QuickBooks cloud-based accounting software as well as Excel and other accountancy packages.

Death and Taxes offers competitive hourly rates, or you can sign up to an annual payment plan when combining bookkeeping with our other services. This will let you spread your accountancy fees evenly over the course of the year instead of having one big bill at year end.

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